Generative system, 9 Laser duratrans lightbox, Video, Sound 

Concept and Design: Candaş Şişman
Programming: U29DC
Sound: Tunca Candaş
Video: Teoman Küçükeren
Photos by Flufoto

Patterns of Possibilities v2 is the continuation of Candaş Şişman's 2015 project Pattern of Possibilities, which was created with dice. Each dice, that is, probability, is randomly selected by the algorithm and appears on the screen at different times and consists of the patterns revealed by the relationships of these possibilities with each other.

The MOMENTS version of the project, consisting of 9 lightboxes and video documentation, was created by instantly recording the probability patterns produced by the generative system during its exhibition at Akbank Sanat between March 1 and May 7, 2022. Each recording is formed by the combination of many different time fragments and probability particles within the performative process performed by the algorithm every five and a half minutes. Each of the 9 outputs seen in the installation represents a unique pattern of 4,096 possibilities, which were recorded and erased at the end of the generative process.

The participant is looking at a set of 9 different probabilities, composed of 4,096 probabilities from different moments. This situation invites the participant to question and experience the concepts of probability - coincidence - order - chaos - uncertainty.