Kinetic Installation
Motor, Steel Balls ( 9 mm ), Glass
95x70x70 cm

Macrocosm is a kind of an imagination of the universe and a simulation of the connection, harmony and uncertainty of every component among each other. A kinetic installation which reflects the connection between macro and micro scales, bringing each other into existence as well as infinite cycle.

Macrocosm consists of iron marbles placed in a radial surface and an engine making it spin. Different combinations of geometric form and sound arise out of this loop by the connections between the marbles. The movement of the sound and the impact of variable forms create a hypnotic experience for the audience.

Concept and Design: Candaş Şişman
Technical execution: Tamer Abaşlıoğlu
Thanks to: PG Art Galeri, Kerim Akyıldız, Osman Koç, HİPO