Before seeing the world we hear its voice and many years later we try to figure out what kind of place it is. Even in the quietest place, we are unconsciously aware that our ears is full of sounds of our environment, we feel it. Scientifically speaking, 'noise’ is the frequency that surrounds the desired sound, forms a world such as the landscape that forms the trees, houses and roads… This work that defines the hypothetical world of depth sounds and makes concrete the sound recorded in 10 milliseconds in a quiet environment with a capacitor microphone. The artist makes physical the slightest sound heart and reflects the re-processed noise on the existing installation. The result is to see what we are not able to hear.

Tasarım, görseller ve ses: Candaş Şişman
Mimari Danışman: Coşku Cinkılıç
Ses Kayıtları: Stüdyo Bee, Baran Göksu, Umut Çetin, Alp Çoksoyluer, Candaş Şişman
Teşekkürler: Ahmet Sertaç Öztürk, Gürçağ Özler, Gökhan Okuyucu