Interactive Immersive Installation
25 Piece Metal Spring, 25 Piece Solenoid, Ardunio, Custom software & circuits, Capacitive sensors, Acoustic elements, Animal Skin, Metal Sheets
700 X 700 X 350 cm

Concept and Design: Candaş Şişman
Creative Coding: Osman Koç
Acoustic Consultant & Design: Görkem Şen
Thanks to: Ebru Yetişkin, Buşra Tunç, Mine Kaplangı, Hikmet Mizanoğlu, Gökçe Güven, Ferhat Ekinci, Gökhan abi, Erdal İnci, Elif Salihoğlu
Curator: Ebru Yetişkin
Commisioned by: Blok Art Space
Photos by: Zeynep Özkanca, Candaş Şişman

Waves Exhibition 15.01-2015-28.02.2015, Blok Artspace - Istanbul

The smallest action that manifests in the micro scale leads to a reflection and an indirect transformation that interacts with its surroundings when understood from the macro scale. If we were to accept the fact that every action was perceived by elements surrounding it, hence causing a chain of interactions, then we must also presume that we live in an infinite cycle where every action creates a reaction, and every reaction creates an action in time and space. The occurrence of this situation may give us clues as to the structure of the universe we live in. Indeed, it can be suggested that this structure is nothing but an interactional web in which an action multiplies in to other actions and reactions. As such, within that structure we can also suggest everything within the web is connected, and that everything harmoniously creates and dissolves one another. One other suggestion we could have about this structure is that the web harbors the potential for every possibility, and that certain vibrations are needed to manifest these possibilities.

Re-conn-act is an interactive installation of 25 vertically stretched strings a motor system, and a structure of circuit and acoustics in one space. The viewer may walk around within this space, and may touch the string. Upon being touched, the string starts to vibrate, and triggers the other strings to motion with a delay. As a result, the vibration that starts from one point within the space effects the entire installation and stops after a short period of time. Due to these vibrations, the structures to which strings are connected produce an acoustic sound and takes over the space. With this, the viewer experiences a hybrid interaction where motion, time, space, and sound meet.