Site-specific Sound installation
8 Piece Directional Speaker, 12 Piece Near-Field Speaker
07:00 min. Loop

Design and Concept: Candaş Şişman
Sound Design: Candaş Şişman, Giray Gürkal, Alp Çoksoyluer
Sound Engineer: Alp Çoksoyluer, Giray Gürkal
Curator: Murat Tabanlıoğlu
Coordinator: Pelin Derviş
Commisioned by: IKSV
Photo by Candas Sisman, Busra Tunc, Italo Rondinella, Andrea Avezzu
Thanks to: Busra Tunc, Safak Erkayhan

‘’There are different feelings or senses that help us feel the space. One of the important issues for me in creating the conception of my work that is the relationship between sound and space with different scales (macro-micro). I will record sound from different places but I will not use them as they are. I will try to find out the characteristic structure of sound in these places… try to apply almost a microscopic view to extract the fundamental elements of their structures, and then I will try to create a simulation, a new sound based on the abstraction of the structure… The irregular and versatile structure of sounds that come from a variety of sound sources with different temporalities is another important aspect. In this way, unexpected relationships and structures of sound appear… It is like observing a natural phenomenon, you experience a whole formed of the combination of different possibilites which emerge beyond your control, and you become part of it. At that point, you set your concerns, or your conceptual thinking habits aside, become part of the whole and the flow, and experience the moment…”

-Candaş Şişman, Excerpt from Places of Memory (Istanbul: İKSV, 2014)